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What Does Guest Posting Mean for SEO? A Manual for Novices


Alex explains everything a novice needs to know about starting a guest blog on the internet. Alex, take it.

A guest blog is what?
Guest blogging, often referred to as fantastic posting, is the activity of writing a post for another person’s site in order to develop backlinks, authority, and relationships. On Google, there are countless platforms that offer services for guest posting. One of the most well-known and fashionable venues for guest posting services today is

In addition to other marketing factors in guest blogging, SEO offers a great probability of receiving a link back from another website, which is a key ranking element in Google.

By connecting with the blogger who will be hosting your post’s readership through guest blogging, you can gain more exposure and establish authority with them.

The idea is straightforward: you produce a blog post tailored to the requirements of a specific blogger and receive a backline in returns, typically below the post in a section called an author box.

Bloggers are interested in posting high-quality content on their blogs that they can share with their current audience and use to draw in new readers.

This makes guest blogging a win-win situation for bloggers who want to grow their readership as well as website owners who want to rank higher in search engines (and require links to do so). I’m intrigued.

Yes, to answer briefly.

As with any strategy, guest posting has its uses.

In 2014, Matt Cuts, then Google’s chief of Webspam, declared that guest blogging was in “fall and decline.”

Matt Cuts: Is Guest Blogging Beneficial for Bloggers Regarding Gadgets, Google, and SEO?

Again, the short answer is yes.

Blogging may be a terrific way to provide readers with insightful content provided the writer is savvy and ready to put in the effort to filter through and edit posts from other sources.

Reviewing the in-content links is a crucial step in editing any external contribution. A link shouldn’t be present unless it serves an editorial purpose.

Look at this (or another) post by Neil Patel about guest blogging and inbound marketing. An external link appears in almost every sentence. Take after Neil.

Make sure you only link to high-quality websites that benefit the web and look into the quality of guest articles to be on the safe side. You should frequently check your external links with screaming frogs to make sure the websites you’re linked to are still accessible and aren’t producing 404 errors or diverting to the changed content.

Where can I locate blogs where I can guest post?
There are two primary methods for locating websites for guest blogging:

explore the web (search with Google, social media, mine resources lists, etc.)

Utilize online directories that link bloggers and publishers.

I’ve tried a couple of them, and I can tell you that they’re not as popular or effective as I’d want. The fish are rather little, therefore I suggest registering with a few services to watch offers while you wait for your white whale. Since the majority of blogs are extremely new and operated by webmasters who hardly ever comment on them,

The first approach, Web Expectation, which I’ll discuss below, offers some fantastic techniques to locate blogs for guest writing.

Look for lists of the best blogs.
Prospects should start by entering a search term like “top [sector specific] blogs list” into Google and then reviewing the results.

View all the blogs listed one by one on each page in the search results.

Most likely you will find blogs this way, but only a few of them can accept guest articles from contributors.

Advanced Search with Search String

Google has many search strings to help you find specific content on the web, which you can combine into search strings.

If you search for [“Keyword “and “write for us “], your results will look like the image below.

Some E

Some Search String Examples are “Guest Author” and “Keyword”

“Keyword”: “Guest post”

URL’s “Keyword”: contributors

Authors are a “Keyword”

“Guest post” and “Keyword”

The Benefits of Guest Blogging for SEO Backlinks
The link profile of your website has the biggest impact on the SEO of your website. As you make contributions to new websites, you should bookmark fresh links to the new websites [where you make your contributions].

For the foreseeable future, backlinks will continue to be one of the most significant ranking variables in search estimates.

There are a few criteria Google considers when evaluating a link. I’ll go through how you can use the links you obtain from guest blogging to enhance your SEO plan.

SEO Anchor Text
The HTML code for making a link is as follows:

“a href=”“>SEO quick tips for anchor text

An illustration of anchor text is this. </a>

There are several distinct categories of announcer work:

Branded: Your company name, such as P1P,, etc.

Keyword Dense:

further blogs worth reading


How might guest blogging improve search engine rankings?

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