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Tips for eBook Promotion without Spending Money


Despite the fact that you don’t have any cash on hand to invest in an effective marketing plan for your eBook, there is some good news for you!

The benefit of online marketing is that you have the freedom to select the more effective method for you.

There are still certain methods that work wonderfully to advertise your book even if you have no money in your pocket today when marketing has turned into a premium service to hire and get your business marketed.

Therefore, if you want to promote your eBook but don’t have any money, this post will help.

  1. Design a landing page that is effective

Making a landing page is always a good idea. Even though a landing page doesn’t have a direct marketing strategy, it nonetheless serves as a lifeline for individuals who are in need of financial assistance.

The final goal is to direct visitors to the eBook landing page so they may download it. When creating the landing page, conduct thorough research and craft compelling language. Link the landing page to the payment gateway if your eBook requires payment.

Sites for Content Sharing

There are several options available to you when using an online platform to market your book, as was previously indicated. Similar to social media networks,

there are a variety of additional content-sharing services that can help promote your eBook quickly. Get in front of your audience in whatever way you can, and be there wherever your readers are. You can promote your book on countless platforms, but just to name a few, there are

Use Tools for Assistance

You can use a variety of techniques to advertise your book on social media. Viral Content Bee is one such tool! You have the option to share my post using this tool, and I’ll do the same.

You can take into account a lot more tools, such as Pay With a Tweet. All you need to do is look around and choose what works best.

Think about guest posting

The expert method to sell your book without spending any money is by guest blogging or guest posting. The guest posting strategy is another well-liked and effective option to sell your eBook without spending any money.

Additionally, it will increase your brand’s recognition, and authority, and appeal to a larger audience. You can take into account any pertinent and demanding website, such as BookWritingCube, that can offer you a favorable reaction in return.

Contact the Standard Email

Email outreach is another eBook marketing tip that costs nothing. For that you can;

Enroll yourself in Amazon KDP select program and market for free.

Hold a free webinar to promote the eBook.

Your email signature should be updated with the page URL. Think of websites that are useful to you

There are some reliable places where you may publish your eBook without paying anything. However, we advise you to carefully review the site’s insights and policies before choosing and deciding on the website.

These are some of the major eBook publishing and distribution websites:

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